This tutorial is about Field API. Field API is a new API in Drupal. Field API has been introduced in Drupal 7. When you will install Drupal 7, there will be a module Field UI. In Drupal 7, many modules of CCK has come in Field UI Module.
We will explain Field API Hooks with the help of a module. This Module is "Math Work". When this module will be installed, it will create two field type (1)Factorial (2)Square. User can create field of factorial type. User will write an integer in create content page and its factorial will be shown on node view Page.
This module adds support for the Foxnews video sharing service, available at To use this module, you'll first need to install Embedded Video Field, which is packaged with Embedded Media Field (from
Features 1. 1, or 2 column layout2. Selectable fluid or fixed width layouts and font stacks3. 7 collapsible block regions4. Drop-down primary links menu5. Selectable fluid or fixed width layouts and font stacks
Step By Step Process to Instal Files By Category Module     Step 1 Add new Taxonomy for File Category
  Add new block region in a drupal 8 theme is basically a two step process:   Suppose a new region named as "Header1" is being added   1) Open file exists in /THEMENAME folder    
Module creation on drupal 8 is an eight step process. Suppose create a module named as "Custom module" that passes through following set of steps: 1) Create a new folder named as "custom_module"  in /modules folder of drupal 8.